OFFICINE BIELLA S.R.L. is a modern and dynamic company that can support you in different fields of activity.
The geographical location in Biella is a guarantee of the quality of the products made.

Below are the areas in which we can operate:
A) Multicolored dyeing (maltinth):
· Tops
· yarn on sates and spools.
· continuous yarns with innovative effects (new interpretation melange, tweed, chinè)
· fabric for clothing, accessory, sea, lace, furniture, curtain.
· finished garment packaged, knitwear, seamless, stockings, sea, accessory
clothing, home accessory, etc.
B) Manual processing on head and brush effect fabric with dyes or pigments.
C) Manual print on garment and fabric with blok print, dyes or pigments.
D) Cold tincture – FADE- on finished garment.
E) Tint in joined sedated and finished garment.
F) Finished head finishing cycle.
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